Our Process

At Austin Business Furniture, we believe that having a great plan in place ensures a successfully executed project. As we all know, plans are fluid and need to adapt and advance to changes throughout the duration of a project. We’ve built our team around a philosophy of dedication, adaptability, and responsibility.

ABF works closely with clients to implement a customized project plan and methodology that will allow us to meet and exceed expectations.


Design and Specification

Our account managers will work with our team of qualified designs to help visualize your furniture solutions through space planning and 2D/3D drawings. Design provides technical information on products including in-depth knowledge on systems, electrical, materials and finishes. Our designers can also provide revisions, renderings, environmental information and tailored solutions upon request.

Project and Logistics Management

From start to finish, we work with our manufacturers to ensure that your furniture is shipped and delivered correctly and on time. After your order has been placed we track it’s progress and notify you of when it is estimated to arrive at our warehouse and schedule a delivery time that accommodates you. We are also able to direct shipments to arrive at the job site and any other special directions your project might need.

Delivery and Install

ABF has its own team of certified and trained installers who have many years of experience installing commercial furniture of all shapes and sizes. Our team meets each delivery to check for quality assurance and install’s your product with a great proficiency and a can-do attitude that will help put the final touches on your project.

We anticipate that as organizations grow and change over time so does their furniture and needs. ABF provides a long-term partnership that will help you with moves, changes or additions to your furniture configurations. In addition we work with facilities managers by providing maintenance and product training to users and offer a complimentary service on all warranty issues. ABF looks forward to seeing you happy with furniture investment

Project Completion